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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Bring Down the Hoe

PLL Bring Down the Hoe

Photo Credit: Ravenswood TV Show

AHA! I’m finally on time, just in time for the finale! Okay, enough wordplay.

Disclaimer: There are spoilers galore. If you have not seen this episode yet read this blog post, you are ruining it for yourself. Watch the episode listed above and then revel in my witty remarks (or lack thereof).

Lunch Talk: Ha, Spencer with the one-liners again. “Unless you’re a reptile, which kind of describes Cece.”

Lieutenant Tanner: Well, somebody loves to stir the pot. This lady knows way more than she lets on and seems super fishy, if you ask me. She seems a bit determined to take down the liars, doesn’t she?

Fitz: Letting himself go, beard and all. And snapping at Emily? Poor guy must be down. But he broke my heart when he said he wants to be the first to tell Aria. Too bad she’s going to the hoedown with that cheeseball.

Caleb: Never do that country voice again.

Creepy Guy: Why is he there?! Who is he? He lurks everywhere, always during Hanna’s worst moments.

Toby’s CD: That’s just cruel. Of all of the bad, evil things that A/whoever has done, this is up at the top.

Hole Poking: What?! That was legitimately terrifying. Who could it be, though? A? Cece? Allison? Wren? It sounds like a woman because of the heels but it could be a heavy duty  pair of boots. Whoever it is wants its presence and superiority known.

Ezria Coffee Reunion: Everybody goes to the same shop. It was bound to happen, people. Also, Aria can you please give Ezra some attention and stop picking Jake? Aka the cheesy Abercrombie model wannabe. Jake is such a poser. How could you get over Ezra so easily? P.S.- Teal cowboy boots in her size? Trying too hard. This is like your fifth “date.”

Sleepover Reminiscing: That was most certainly about Cece and Wilden. Looks like Emily is putting together the pieces again.

Cece: The devil is back! Why does she have Allison shrines? And why is she so petulant on the phone? I’m surmising that it was Allison on the phone, to whom the red coat belongs.

Hoedown: Rosewood, PA going country? This is awkward.

Creepy Guy: WHAT? He put in the money?? And knows Momma Marin is innocent? He must be Wilden’s killer. My reasons for thinking this 1) Marlene King confirmed that Wilden’s killer is revealed tonight 2) Why else would he give her money? 3) This would be a real game changer to throw in a completely new and unknown character with completely new and unknown motives as Wilden’s killer. Was that money originally Wilden’s? Maybe to pay off Cece or Allison? And why did Mona try to cover for it? Caleb looks jeal of Travis.

Aria: That’s my girl, covering for her best friend.

#MovesLikeAria: Can you say cutest hashtag ever?

Jake: Whoa, there cowboy. Settle down and stop threatening Ezra. Don’t forget who came first, buddy.

Emily: So touching to see Emily look out for Ezra. And will she finally track down Red Coat? In their stolen tractor? With the lone jacket?

Travis: I’m so glad that somebody is finally doing the right thing. I just hope it doesn’t backfire, as per usual.

Paige and Emily: Um, how does everyone suddenly know how to dance to country music in multiple elaborate routines? This isn’t the south.

Ezria: I missed seeing Aria in his apartment! She really shouldn’t lead him on and pretend to comfort him though. This is giving me too much hope for a romantic reunion.

Cece: So now we officially know that Cece is on the A team and listening in/spying on the liars! But…Why Ezria?

A’s Dolls: Excuse me? This is creepy. Are the dolls for Shana, Jenna, Allison, Melissa and who else?

World War A: I’m officially having nightmares.

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