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The Magical Wonder for Your Skin: Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

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As you know, I’m a huge proponent of natural products, especially for skincare. I’ve researched a lot recently about natural oils (argan, rosehip, jojoba, etc.) because they possess so many incredible benefits in their raw form that most people don’t take advantage of. Often times these oils and their extracts are included in beauty products, among other ingredients. That’s why we see such great results with products that include them! Imagine if you stripped away all of the other added ingredients and processing.

My oil research has mostly pertained to acne because I’ve always heard great reviews about natural oils for blemish reduction or scar removal. Once day I decided to investigate about tea tree oil, an essential oil that’s extracted from a melaleuca tree from Australia and that’s known for its antibacterial properties. When I looked up tea tree oil, I did read mixed reviews and contemplated using it. My skin is pretty sensitive and I came across comments about it causing irritation and burning sensations, along with rashes. So I went out and bought Gena tea tree oil (pictured above) at a local beauty supply store with reticence.

I dabbed on just a little bit one night and waited half an hour to see if I had any averse reactions. All clear! My skin had no reaction at all and remained pretty calm. I’ve mainly used tea tree oil as an immediate spot treatment whenever a blemish opens up. The tea tree oil instantly calms my skin and dries the blemish, preventing swelling or scarring.

Just to be safe, I recommend researching tea tree oil before you use it. But if your skin doesn’t react to it, keep using it because the results are great!

Please comment below if you have any particularly good or bad experiences with tea tree oil. I’d love to hear!



  1. allthingsmakeupandskincare

    I use “Grease Lightning” by Lush for any blemishes that pop up. It has a blend of tea tree oil, rosemary and aloe vera gel. Its very gentle (since its not pure tea tree oil) yet effective on the skin 🙂 I usually apply a thing layer to previous scars every night… it takes a while to get rid of scarring as it is… but it think this has helped the process!

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