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Weekly Sass Round Up: What I Loved These Past 7 Days

Welcome to The Weekly Sass Round Up, a new section where I discuss my favorite findings and obsessions from the past seven days. My selections will range from beauty products to food to TV shows to blogs I love. I hope you love these things as much as I do—feel free to recommend something you stumbled upon recently and adored!

  1. Friday Night Lights: Yes, I’m crazy late to jump on the FNL bandwagon. But in my defense, I was only 12 when it came out, I’m not a huge TV show binger, and it’s been on my “to watch” list for a while. So it’s only fair to put this as my #1 obsession because I watched the first three seasons in one week… Then the 4th season in 2.5 days. I’m so emotionally attached to the characters that I think they’re real people IRL and I find my arms flailing during the football games, my eyes welling up during sad scenes and my mouth smiling during happy parts. It goes without saying that I’ll be a hot ass mess this week when I watch the 5th and final season.Friday Night LightsPhoto via
  2. The Hotwives of Orlando: I dare you to find a bigger Real Housewives addict than this girl right here. So it’s only natural that I become obsessed with its hilarious and clever parody called The Hotwives of Orlando, a Hulu original. Some haters mock the dearth of creativity and wit in the parody, claiming that you can’t parody a show that’s already a caricature of itself. I strongly disagree and find humor in all of its sharp digs at housewives from every city, spot-on plot lines and taglines, and cheesy replica of my beloved Andy Cohen himself. Plus, the comediennes are rip-roaringly funny. My personal favorite housewife? Phe Phe.The Hotwives of OrlandoPhoto via
  3. Essie’s Go Ginza Nail Polish: I’m a faithful Chanel and Deborah Lippmann addict, but I cannot deny my adoration for Essie’s Go Ginza shade. It’s the perfect blend of lilac, nude and rose. It’s subtle, feminine, chic and muted. Yet I’ve received a bunch of compliments on it (clearly it’s an eye-catcher). Special shout out to my roommate for lending it to me.Essie Go GinzaPhoto via
  4. Trader Joe’s French Vanilla Ground Coffee: I promise I’m not sponsored by Trader Joe’s (although I wouldn’t be opposed to it… ahem). In all seriousness, their French Vanilla ground coffee boasts some of the most aromatic and delicious grounds I’ve ever experienced. Keep in mind that I’ve been a barista for two years. Every time I brew a cup, I want to brew 10 more because I never want the scent to end. It’s only been on the shelves since March 31st, but I’m sure it’s selling like hotcakes.  Trader Joe'sPhoto via
  5. “All about That Bass” by Meghan Trainor: If the lyrics weren’t refreshing and positive enough, the music video is the cutest and most upbeat one I’ve seen in a while. With a retro, innocent, pastel theme and empowering lyrics about body image, Meghan Trainor’s well on her way to landing the coveted title of Summer 2014’s biggest hit. I can’t stop listening to this catchy song! I’m so glad more and more artists are celebrating positive body image.All About That BassPhoto via
  6. Olivia Palermo’s Blonde Hair: Is there anything this woman can’t pull off? I’m obsessed with anything and everything Olivia Palermo—her new ‘do is no exception. Although I have a strong bias to brunette hair, I really adore her blonde locks and think they’re the perfect hue. Her complexion goes with literally any color.Olivia PalermoPhoto via
  7. The Cut‘s Article on ‘Serious’ Women Defending Fashion Mags: Now here’s a topic I feel very strongly about: the sexist conjecture that cerebral, successful women can’t love fashion magazines, or at least the topics they discuss. You’ll have to read this amazing piece for yourself, but let me just preface it by saying that I couldn’t express these same thoughts any better myself. Infinite props, The Cut.The CutPhoto via

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