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Sanoflore: A French Treasure Trove of Skin Care


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It’s been a little while since I last blogged, but it’s for a good reason. I’ve been busy trying out world-renowned French skincare products so I could tell you all about it! Among studying and other academic activities, of course… Half of “study abroad” is “study,” after all…

Anyway, before I left for France one of my editors told me to check out Sanoflore’s rose water while abroad. I’d blindly follow any of her skincare recs, so it’s no surprise that I hunted down this glorious Sanoflore line my first two weeks here. Literally, I went to every pharmacy I saw in Strasbourg until I realized that the parapharmacy (aka medical pharmacy joined with a beauty section) in the city center had it! That’s also when I realized that the parapharmacy was my favorite place in Strasbourg.

It turns out Sanoflore is this incredible French skincare line that many French women swear by. In addition to models, major makeup artists and other high-profile celebrities (no big deal). Everything smells delicious and the products have no parabens/artificial garbage/toxins. They have multiple flower water sprays, including lavender, orange, chamomile, and rose. Additionally, they carry a bunch of targeted lines that treat specific concerns (imperfections, anti-aging, irritation, etc).

I’ve been using the rose water spray for about a month now and I’m obsessed with it to say the least. It costs me about 9 euros, aka $11.50. It smells so amazing and feels soothing when I spray it on after I shower. I let my skin absorb it and use it in place of a toner. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that my skin has calmed down since I’ve used it.


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Once I got hooked on Sanoflore’s rose water, I began to research their other stuff. Sanoflore has this agua magnifica line that targets imperfections (acne, enlarged pores, etc) and boasts incredible reviews. Needless to say I wanted it. When I spoke with a pharmacist (French pharmacists are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and kind), she recommended the toner and said it exfoliated. However, I was really hoping to get a new cleanser (all I had was an Olay exfoliating cleanser and it felt too irritating) so I went back later and bought the gelée magnifica gel cleanser. I am SO happy I did! My face is much calmer and starting to glow more since I started using it a few days ago.

The agua magnifica line is wonderful because it has peppermint leaf water, salicylic acid, rosemary leaf oil, citric acid, clove flower oil, thyme leaf oil and other amazing natural ingredients.


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The next item on my Sanoflore wish list is the elixir des reines, aka elixir of the queens. It’s supposed to brighten skin tone and give that royal glow. It’s one of their finest and most coveted products in France, so I’m really excited to try it out in the near future!

If you’ve used this product or recommend another Sanoflore product, please let me know! Xoxo

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