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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”

Pretty Little Liars

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Alright, here are my sassy thoughts on yesterday’s PLL episode. I’m only a day late this time! Shout out to Hulu.

Disclaimer: There are spoilers galore. If you have not seen this episode yet read this blog post, you are ruining it for yourself. Watch the episode listed above and then revel in my witty remarks (or lack thereof).

Veronica Hastings: Did anyone else conjure up a conspiracy theory that maybe Momma Hastings isn’t doing her best to keep Momma Marin from behind bars? I’d like to think that she’s just in a tough spot with few options, but I did see a flash of Melissa in her as she delivered the unfortunate verdict to the little liars. I was touched by Aria and Spencer’s attempts to console Hanna, and, in turn, Hanna’s apology to Momma Hastings for raising her voice.

Aria’s Outfit: Ok, one of my favorites. Definitely an edgier look of hers (I mean, hello. The whole dress is a comic strip), but I loved it. She did look a little too runway for a high school class, but don’t they always?

Ezra: Just another example of his perfection. One moment he jokingly calls his child Rembrandt, the next he’s cajoling Emily. “Somebody’s gotta remind you who you really are, Emily.” Not to mention his dapper ensemble. Oh, and his perspicacity. How can he tell that A started up again? Hmmm.

Hanna’s Fake Confession: EXCUSE ME, WHAT? How is pretending to be a murderer going to help? Also, did you forget that A will make your life a living hell if you entangle yourself in an inextricably-formed web of lies? Your last decision to stash a gun in dirt got your mom arrested. This rash decision will only worsen your lot.

Spencer and Lamb: Looks like Spencer is the sassiest of them all, what with her blackmail of Lamb and manipulative “cookies” aka official Radley report. However, I’m proud of her for extracting some facts and glad that the old efficient Spencer finally returned. Did someone really pay off Wilden for lying about Toby’s mom? Who would? Cece? Allison?

Caleb and Ashley: Caleb visiting Ashley? Someone should allot him the Boyfriend of the Year award for moseying on over to the county jail to check on his sweetheart’s mom. They do seem to have a genuine and sweet relationship, though. I loved Ashley’s ability to predict Hanna’s rash and stubborn attempts to save her from jail, along with Caleb’s agreeing and additaments.

Jake: At least he’s trying to take care of Aria and protect her, even if he’s potentially thwarting an Ezria reunion. I never found him attractive (and hated his dislike of film noir. Ezra gets film noir!), so I hope this is an ephemeral phase for Aria. P.S.- Since when does dinner entail cheese puffs and canned soda? I felt like I was watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which I will add is one of my all-time favorites. I can write a novel on my Peanuts obsession. (I have a laptop decal of Snoopy on his typewriter).

Momma Fields: Easily one of the most heart-wrenching scenes of PLL thus far. You barely see moms break down in front of their children, especially in this show. The poor woman looks like she’s aged 20 years. Her husband is gone, she lost her job, her house got destroyed and her only kid’s going to leave her soon. Of course she’s sobbing and whimpering. Hearing her to apologize to Emily for things she didn’t cause or control was especially difficult.

Mona’s Confession: WHAT? Is there some ulterior motive or is she defending Hanna? Worse, did she actually kill Wilden? I’m surmising that she is the actual murderer, considering her keen ability to aptly question and answer Hanna during their confession trial run. Plus, we all heard ABC Family’s blatant “Good Girls Do Bad Things Sometimes” song that flooded the background. Her final devious smile to Hanna could mean either A) she deceived Hanna and will make things worse or B) she tricked her the whole time and has her back. Let’s hope that it’s the latter.

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