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The Album that Made Me Love Country Music: ‘Road Between’ by Lucy Hale

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We all know how much I love (ahem, am obsessed with) Lucy Hale. She’s my celebrity role model and look alike, according to some very kind people who have told me so. Hey, I’ll take it! Anyway, not only is she a talented actress, successful spokesperson and iconic fashionista, but she is also an incredible singer! Yes, the Nashville native has always dreamed of breaking into the music industry and maintained musician as her #1 dream occupation. Although she loved acting and pursued it, she’s had a country album in the works for the past couple years and it finally came out on June 3! I pre-ordered the entire album on iTunes (even though I bought “You Sound Good to Me” when it came out as a single) and haven’t stopped playing it on repeat for the past month and a half.

Yes, I’m hooked! I used to love country music, mostly during middle school, and then grew an aversion to it. But ever since I’ve been streaming Road Between, Lucy’s country album, I’m starting to actually love country music (select songs…). So as a tribute to Lucy Goose (her nickname), I’m going to go track by track and give my thoughts on each song.

  1. You Sound Good to Me: Her original single and one of the cutest songs ever. I proudly admit that I know every word and listen to it all the time. The music video is adorable and the lyrics really hit home to any girl who’s ever been lovestruck.
  2. From the Backseat: One of my favorite songs on the album by far. The lyrics are particularly beautiful and catchy, delivering a touching message that describes love (and learning to love) in a really poetic way. Her voice also sounds very clear and shows its different ranges here.
  3. Nervous Girls: Hale didn’t actually write this song, but the second she read the lyrics, she begged for the rights to sing it. Its lyrics are incredibly raw, sensitive and honest; they’re words, thoughts and feelings that every girl relates to, regardless of her age, body type, race, etc. Hale struggled with an eating disorder in the past and spoke about it publicly, which makes this song even more real and authentic for her.
  4. Red Dress: Super cute song featuring Joe Nichols. It’s a nice love song and also very catchy. I’m happy that Hale has a duet on Road Between because it really adds to the depth of the album.
  5. Goodbye Gone: A classic country song about a scorned woman seeking vengeance. Its melody is super dark and it’s obvious that Hale brings up angry memories to the surface, which only adds to the authenticity and passion of the song. I actually love it—it reminds me of several angry tunes by Miranda Lambert, one of Hale’s idols.
  6. Kiss Me: SUCH A CUTE SONG! I play this one much more often than most of the others and think I know it by heart at this point. It discusses the limbo phase of a split up couple that will inevitably get back together (Ezria, anyone?). All in all, very relatable.
  7. Road Between: Okay, this one actually makes me cry. It describes the point in my life (and I’d say all young twenty-somethings would agree) perfectly—the confusion, self-discovery, curiosity, fear, unknown. It’s about exactly what it’s called: the road between.
  8. Lie a Little Better: I believe this is Hale’s next big single because she’s been promoting it and performing it often. It’s really upbeat and quick compared to some of the slower ballads. Anyway, it talks about the honest feelings you have after a break-up that leaves you missing your ex.
  9. That’s What I Call Crazy: A really empowering song about break-ups that’s from the point-of-view of a girl who’s getting over her ex and getting stronger day by day. Once again, another relatable track that she must have written from her experiences.
  10. Love Tonight: Such a cute love song! Hale sings about the unknown, in between, limbo phase when you’re getting to know someone and just starting out.
  11. Just Another Song: Not a huge fan of the first few lines, but they do set up the rest of the song. This track is a sadder take on the post break-up stage, the kind where you remember all of the past times with your ex and mope. It’s cathartic, but also depressing.
  12. My Little Black Wedding Dress: I’m not crazy about the lyrics, but I love how Lucy’s voice sounds in this song and I adore the chorus.
  13. Feels Like Home: Another feel good song about home and your childhood. It’s very positive and comforting to hear. For the most part, Hale discusses her life in Los Angeles, where she moved to from Tennessee as a teenager to pursue her acting career.
  14. Loved: My new favorite song on the album. The lyrics are so so beautiful and her voice is actually angelic. Basically, she talks about how a girl just wants to feel loved and appreciated, not showered with gifts or impressed with major talents. It’s my new favorite love song.

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