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Weekly Sass Round Up: What I Loved These Past 7 Days

Welcome to The Weekly Sass Round Up, a new section where I discuss my favorite findings and obsessions from the past seven days. My selections will range from beauty products to food to TV shows to blogs I love. I hope you love these things as much as I do—feel free to recommend something you stumbled upon recently and adored!

  1. Ma Récréation Blog: Voilà! Something Parisian and ultra chic. Few things please me more than happening upon an amazing blog—preferably beauty or food-related—and Ma Récréation is the crème de la crème of beauty blogs. Sorry, Into the Gloss, she’s giving you a run for your money. Ma Récréation is a beauty and food blog run by a Parisian freelance journalist and ex-beauty editor of Vogue. That’s right, Vogue. Lili Barbery reports on beauty products, travel destinations, DIY crafts, scrumptious recipes, etc. And it’s all in French. So when I’m not reading French Vogue, Ma Récréation is my source of reading to practice for my imminent semester abroad in Strasbourg. Also, she was featured in an interview with The Cut, aka my favorite website right now.Ma-RecreationPhoto via
  2. The Cut’s post on Anna Wintour: As always, The Cut concocted a brilliantly witty and spot-on piece…about Anna Wintour. Her son Charlie Schaffer married Elizabeth Cordry this past weekend, making Anna Wintour her mother-in-law. So here are 12 clever and accurate ways to tell if Ms. Wintour is your husband’s mother. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have her as my mother-in-law….Charlie-Schaffer-WeddingPhoto via
  3. Mario Badescu’s Hydrating Hand Cream: So we all know I’m not exactly the most fervent Mario Badescu fanatic… ahem, the facial from hell and a futile 6 months of religious product use. But I did hit the jackpot with a sample of their hydrating hand cream when I suffered that traumatic facial in June. The cream is so creamy (shout out to my redundant repetitiveness) and smells divine. A little goes a long way and my hands instantly feel moisturized and pampered. However, I’m forever faithful to my beloved L’Occitane hand creams so I don’t foresee myself jumping ship. It was fun while it lasted, MB Hand Cream. We’ll always have our sample days…Mario-Badescu-Hydrating-Hand-CreamPhoto via
  4. Pretty Little Liars‘ 100th episode and more importantly, the Betches Love This recap: In a world of randomness and instability, the one thing you can rely on is the ridiculous impracticality of Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I probably relinquish five IQ points every time I watch an episode, but I’ve been a faithful follower since day one so I feel that I deserve to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Also, I’m obsessed with Lucy Hale. But, Betches Loves This writes incredibly hilarious and witty recaps of each episode so needless to say, I was like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting to read this one. The 100th episode was insane—sexcapades, Caleb looking like a Fall Out Boy member, Hanna’s blatant order of a frappuccino (cue Hefty Hanna jokes), bombs and divorces, key lime pie, etc. My favorite line from the recap: “Spencer dressed as an Amish woman on the 4th of July. Cool scarf Spencer, are you a male contestant on the Bachelor now?”Pretty-Little-LiarsPhoto via
  5. Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cups: I’m not a peanut butter lover, but I do adore Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. During my Trader Joe’s grocery run the other day, I decided to finally try out their dark chocolate peanut butter cups, as a version of dessert during my new diet. OH MY GOODNESS, THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. I’m a loyal milk chocolate fan, but these are life-changing. 99 cents of wonder, splendor, divine intervention, you name it. I thought it was awkward when the cashier told me I was “in for a treat,” but now in retrospect I understand. Yes, middle-aged cashier at Trader Joe’s who asked me if I was from Georgia because I bought peaches—I was in for a treat.Trader-Joe's-Peanut-Butter-CupsPhoto via
  6. Teddythecavalier Instagram account: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are my favorite breed. They are regal, sassy, elegant, refined, playful, and loving. Also, Charlotte had one on Sex and the City. So my latest obsession is to follow Instagram accounts of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Yes, I know about toastmeetsworld, but Teddy has the kind of demure innocence that Toast makes up for with wit and spunk. Yes, I’m aware that I’m going into elaborate comparisons of two dogs’ Instagrams. But seriously, just look at this face.Teddy-the-CavalierPhoto via
  7. Cœur de Pirate’s music video for “Francis”: Cœur de Pirate! My favorite French (she’s actually Canadian) musical artist, asides from Édith Piaf and Stromæ. Her voice is actually angelic and her lyrics are relatable, raw, clever, and poignant. I know that “Francis” is from 2010, but I just recently saw the music video and fell in love with it. It’s so simple that it lets you focus on her lyrics and voice. Plus, the ending is adorable.Coeur-de-Pirate
  8. Photo via 

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